You have done your research, and now it is time you find and hire the best nanny for your baby. Remember that for most people, the process involves intangibles such as feeling guilty or doubtful and learning to trust your gut. Fortunately, it is not a scientific process, and you have a right to follow your instincts.

Most parents are not sure when they should start the process. The truth is that you should avoid rushing the process. You should give yourself adequate time and plan ahead to sort through various candidates. Do not wait until the last minute as you may settle on a person who does not fit your criteria or needs. For most parents, two months before you hire the nanny is the best time. You can consult a greataupair website about hiring the best nanny. Ensure you follow the steps below to hire the right nanny for you and your baby.

Describe Your Ideal Nanny

baby restingDo you need to think about what your family requires? Remember that you are not only hiring a caregiver, but also your employee. Therefore, there are certain aspects to look for in a worker. Some of these aspects include open communication, time management skills, critical thinking, and more. Start by making a list of things you want and categorize them into nice-to-haves and must-haves. Must-haves are those qualities that are non-negotiable. Every candidate must have them to be considered for this job. Think of things like education level and experience.

Write a Job Description

In this case, you take whatever you imagined above and put it into a posting on job sites. You can also email the job description to your family or friends. Usually, a job post will include a short description, list of responsibilities and duties, job and education requirements, and salary. If you are not sure where to begin, you can find some templates online.

Post It

As you know, personal recommendations can help you get the right nanny. Unless you have exhausted your immediate family, friends, and colleagues, check out some websites.

Interview Your Nanny

child playingIdeally, you will do two interviews: phone screening and in-person interviews. A phone call can help you eliminate some candidates, while an in-person interview offers you an opportunity to get to know the candidate well. It is a good idea to involve your immediate family members in the interview process and see how well they will interact. Remember to tailor questions depending on things that matter to you.