Green Christmas: Replanting Trees

If you are at the market to add a beautiful home to your landscape, Christmas is the perfect time to start shopping. This usually means that you can fill a square in your landscape with all the Christmas trees you like every year. However, be aware of the pollution you might induce; you might want to turn to plastic free christmas trees for a healthier alternative.

Healthy Tree

bellAn excellent nursery will also show you how to a healthy Christmas tree and determine which evergreen species work best when planted. Remember that a newly planted Christmas tree is more expensive than a tree that is only purchased for the Christmas period. Even if you decide to save money, it is much better to spend a modest amount of extra money and find a healthy, hardy bush with long branches and a giant root ball to transplant successfully. This applies to both lifting the Christmas tree and taking it out of the house. Otherwise, your tree may go into shock due to the temperature difference.

Suitable Location

gift Whether the tree is inside or outside, it must remain painted for safety and humidity. The roots can be covered with an impressive decorative apron on top of the casing. This means that the leading ball is placed in a tank or solid tray, where the roots can absorb essential nutrients. This could be a difficult task even while the tree is in the house. Gardeners support the Christmas tree’s replanting to be easily moved and not left in the place for more than two days.

If possible, try to limit the time the tree stays in the house to one or two weeks. After your secondary transition period of 3-4 days is over, it is time to plant the bush out of the ground. As long as your weather region does not yield from frost at the beginning of summer, you should have no problems planting the tree right after the Christmas rest. If you think there may be an early frost in your environment, you can choose to dig the hole in your piece of root, but this can mean imagining how significant the amount of root is. When replacing the dirt, it is essential to irrigate and prune the tree to maintain the newly groomed Christmas tree’s warmth.