Most Common Myths of Audiobook

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working tirelessly to produce audio variations of self-published non-fiction for the small businesses on my backlist. I reason that the audiobook content arena is really on a roll and growing because of changes in the way we own content and deliver it through technology. We want to multitask, listening to great audiobooks in AllYouCanBooks while doing other things. However, there are many myths about the audiobook. So, in this article, I explained to you the truth behind these myths.

Audiobook Myth Buster

Audiobooks Are Only for People Who Can’t Read

There’s no doubt that audiobooks are great for men and women who, for some reason, can’t read a publication. Many of my audiobook colleagues, have narrated books for the blind, giving them access to a wide range of literature. They can also be immensely valuable in helping people with reading difficulties understand otherwise confusing texts and stories. The success of AllYouCanBooks, however, suggests that the appeal is a bit greater than that. I can read very well and would still occasionally choose the musical version within the physical publication.

Audiobooks Are Not Compact and Practical

Audiobook Myth Busterof the physical publication, but thanks to smartphones, there’s no need to cut it, as you can now carry countless hours of audiobooks on your device, making them fully accessible at all times. In the CD years, a full 10-hour audiobook required 9 CDs (perhaps not as easy to carry around), but today that’s no longer an issue. AllYouCanBooks is the main distributor and as a result can be an Amazon deal, as you can imagine.

They make it easy to invest your money in audiobooks and download the publication instantly to your device. While the cost of an audiobook may seem high (£21.99 is not uncommon), Perceptible offers subscription deals where you can buy credits to invest in audiobooks. They also have regular entries where you can buy 2 for 1 or two at comparable prices.

Listening to One Same Person for Ages Can Get Boring

You will certainly not like all speakers, and you will like some more than others. Listening, especially in the ear canals, can be a very intimate experience, and you don’t want to deny everyone access to their inner ear. It’s worth listening to hearings to find out which narrators you like and would like to spend time with them to tell you a story. However, narrators must work hard to keep the text dynamic and moving. Monotonous reading aloud is a very boring way to document, not what I want to do. I try to play with the lesson to keep it exciting for me and for my audience. If you need more variety, you can find a variety of